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Firetown was originated in Abilene, TX to make room for a vision in Brenton & Cara Dowdy’s hearts. Its mission is a work in progress and will continue to be refined. Though Firetown is more than just a band, it does include a community of musicians that want to create refreshing and authentic music that will touch and change the world.

Currently, this movement is the vehicle for Brenton and his wife Cara to live out three major passions:

  • Be Artists (Write, Create, Record, Release)
  • Be Missional & Mobile (Travel, Disciple, Lead, Train)
  • Be Advocates for Night & Day Prayer & Worship (Pray, Worship, Teach, Equip)

This is about living out a dream to create and share art that will shift atmospheres, give people hope, and do what Jesus told us all to do, take His message of reconciliation to the whole world.